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On these pages you will find free and up-to-date information about Urology. This online textbook is the beginning of the English translation of a German textbook of urology by Dr. Dirk Manski. All major urological diseases will be described in detail. Separate chapters deal with signs and symptoms, examinations, surgical management and the pharmacology of urological medications. The textbook aims at physicians and healthcare professionals interested in diseases of the urinary tract and male reproductive system.

The index provides an alphabetical list of diseases, procedures and relevant keywords, which are already translated. All chapters are free accessible. A detailed list of abbreviations helps to understand the text. New translated chapters are also presented in the news section. Outstanding books for the study of urology are listed in the recommendations. Please check the link list for superior medical sites on the Internet.

Urology: surgical specialty for organs of the urinary tract and genitalia

Urology is surgical and medical specialty that deals with the basics, diagnosis and treatment of diseases of the urinary tract and sexual organs. The urologist thus treats diseases of the kidneys, ureters, bladder, urethra, testes, prostate, penis and adrenal glands. Each organ can be affected by congenital diseases, infections, trauma, benign diseases or malignant tumors.

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  Deutsche Version: Online Lehrbuch der Urologie